Rasta (Wool) Fuck Yeah!

Rasta (Wool) Fuck Yeah!


The classic Fuck Yeah™ sock back again in the RASTA fade WOOL. Jah Bless!. Give thanks for MUSA wool.

Made in the USA by DeFeet International, a company that's been making cycling socks for over 20 years. They feature the highest 6 inch cuff possible.

COMPOSITION: 61% Merino Wool, 37% Nylon, 2% Lycra

DeFeet says, “The wool version of the Aireator. Wooleator's are a non-padded, thin sock that stands up beautifully to 4-season use. They are an even better choice any time moisture is in the forecast or when riding in mountainous terrain. Wooleator's are a favorite among our ambassadors and an absolute must have by the entire DeFeet staff. Very thin, unbelievably durable, and made with the highest quality grown in USA wools, Wooleator is unique among all wool socks.”

Please cut your toenails before wearing! Air dry to extend the lyfe. Bunch the sock up and pull up gently, they are thin by design so don't hamfist them you idiot!

Size Chart


6 - 8__Small
7 - 9__Medium

36 - 39.5__Small
40 - 42.5__Medium
43 - 45.5__Large
46+__Extra Large


6 - 8__Small
8.5 - 10.5__Medium
11 - 13__Large

Fuck Yeah!