THE DEER HUNTER. Great movie or too long and weird? These socks, good length or too long and weird? GOOD LENGTH AND WEIRD you fucks. #goodlengthandweird Seriously though, these socks are such a dope colorway. We are stoked on them. One of our favorites yet for sure. Loden green (which is like a heather green) makes up the majority of the sock. The FUCK YEAH is in orange and the 8 Lumens lantern is still lighting the way for your adventures, just ultra low key in dark green. Sick Nasty. Plus these are a new sock style by DeFeet which blends wool and poly in a 50/50 mix to make the best of both worlds sock.

These socks are still made in the USA by DeFeet International, a company that's been making cycling socks for over 20 years. They feature the highest 6 inch cuff they make and the overall cuffage is ASStounding.

COMPOSITION: 50% USA Wool, 50% Repreve® Poly

Features: The Wooleator Comp is thin as a muthafucker, low-bulk-as-shit sock built on DeFeet's popular Wooleator design. This dope ass sock is knit with a soft wool/poly blend yarn composition (50% American Wool/50% Repreve Poly). These shits will help your feet say cool and dry in the summer and warm and dry in the winter. All wool is naturally antibacterial, so your socks won't smell like balls after use. Please cut your toenails before wearing! Air dry to extend the lyfe. Bunch the sock up and pull up gently, they are thin by design so don't hamfist them you idiot!

Size Chart


6 - 8__Small
7 - 9__Medium

36 - 39.5__Small
40 - 42.5__Medium
43 - 45.5__Large
46+__Extra Large


6 - 8__Small
8.5 - 10.5__Medium
11 - 13__Large

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